Data Integrity From Northwest Database Services

Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services

How can you prevent bad data from degrading your database? How can you manage your data effectively? What if you could use a full-spectrum database service to eliminate your database concerns? Northwest Database Services has performed data migrations, scrubbing data, cleaning and brokering mailing lists for over 25 years.

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Whatever your data management needs, Northwest Database Services can help you achieve them. From data migration to data scrubbing and data enhancement to providing a custom selected mailing list to build on; we’ve got you covered.

Scrub Your Existing Data ’till It Shines Like Klondike Gold:

Sometimes called data cleansing, data scrubbing is the process of detecting and removing or correcting any information in a database that has some sort of error. This error can be because the data is wrong, incomplete, formatted incorrectly, or is a duplicate copy of another entry.

These errors can be the result of human data entry error, merging of two databases, a lack of company-wide or industry-wide data coding standards, or due to old systems that contain inaccurate or outdated data.

Some of the services we offer include: Data Normalization, Data Migration ETL, USPS CASS-certified Address Cleaning, Parsing (Splitting), USPS NCOA Processing, Duplicate Record Removal (AKA: “De-Dupe” or “Purge”), Data Standardization & Reformat, Genderization, Casing, plus Direct Mail list services.

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Sometimes you just need more data. You can give new life to your list and expand your company’s marketing range by adding email addresses or phone numbers to your existing file. The majority of our data come from only those sources that meet our strictest accuracy standards. Our email and phone number data come from four principal datasets and are augmented with data from several hundred secondary sources:

  • The National Email Directory
  • The National Phone Directory
  • The National 411 Directory
  • The USPS National Change Of Address (NCOA) Directory

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