Articles On Database Development and List Management

These are a few articles and white papers written and published in a variety of magazines over the years. They have helped businesses understand and work with their databases and mailing lists. We hope that you find them of use as well.

Glossary of Database Terms

This is a handy guide to those terms used by database developers and administrators…

Getting Started

Many businesses want to harness the incredible power of direct mail promotion, but are confused about how to begin.

Data Scrubbing

Once the structure of your list has been thoughtfully designed, the next step is to place your information into it – the industry term is data entry…

Data Services Outsourcing

Computer service bureaus are a little like list HMO’s, complete with data
doctors. They understand how hard it is to establish and maintain a strong,
healthy mailing list and can help you with your list’s creation, maintenance and growth…

NCOA & ACS Services

This page tells you how we help you manage your National Change of Address (NCOA) issues; after all, no one can respond to a mail piece that they never received.