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Commercial Mail Receiving Agent - CMRA - Helps Mail Delivery

A Commercial Mail Receiving Agency - CMRA - is also known as a mail drop. A CMRA typically operates as a Private Mail Box Operator; so addresses at a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency are usually called Private Mail Boxes, or “PMB”. A US Postal Service mail box is referred to as a Post Office Box or “POB”.

A customer of a CMRA receives mail and other deliveries (UPS, Fed-X, etc.) at the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency’s street address rather than at their own street address. Depending on the agreement between the customer and the CMRA, the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency can forward the mail to the customer or hold it for pickup.

Why Use A CMRA?

A customer may wish to use the services of a CMRA for privacy; for example, a person running a home-based business may not wish to divulge their home address. Alternatively, a customer in one community may contract with a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency in another community with a better-known or more prestigious address.

Commercial Mail Receiving Agent Services

A CMRA is able to receive parcels shipped by means other than a postal system that some postal authorities (such as the United States Postal Service) will not. CMRA’s also provide ancillary services such as copy or courier services. Many Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies will discount their other prices for mailbox subscribers. The major downside of using a box at a CMRA is mail delivery is usually slower than using a USPS Post Office Box.

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Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) codes are included when Northwest Database Services processes your list with  National Change Of Address System - NCOA. We also use Address Change Service - ACS for this procedure.

Commercial Mail Receiving Agent, CMRA, CMRA Codes And Commercial Mail Receiving Agent Processing

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