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Where Does Our Data Come From?

The majority of our email and phone number data come from four principal datasets and is augmented with data from several hundred secondary sources:

National Email Directory

Email marketing is one of the most efficient channels to reach your customers and prospects. Northwest Database’s Email Append service uses our National Email Directory data. Each of our email address listings goes through several layers of cleansing and verification before we append them to your records.

Vital Statistics

  • 350 million original scrubbed and opted-in consumer listings
  • Average match rates from 22-35%
  • Average deliverability rate is 60%
  • Updated monthly

National Phone Directory

This is our primary source for residential, mobile and business phone data. The National Phone Directory is externally and internally sourced through a multitude of extremely reliable resources that have been cultivated for many years. National Phone Directory records include landline and mobile phone date, postal address for consumer listings and land line, fax, contact names, SIC and other relevant business data.

Vital Statistics

  • 144 million mobile phone listings
  • 200 million residential landlines
  • 20 million business listings
  • Average match rates from 55-70%
  • Updated monthly

National 411 Directory

The most up-to-date and current phone listings available anywhere, our National 411 Directory is updated daily from most of the regional bell operating companies (RBOC) in the US, Puerto Rico and Guam. The 411 Directory contains residential, business and governmental listings.

Vital Statistics

  • 130 million listings
  • Residential, business and govt. listings
  • Covers US, Guam & Puerto Rico
  • Average match rates 35%
  • Updated daily

The USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) Directory

Over 43 million American individuals, families and businesses move each year. The USPS National Database contains approximately 60 million changes of address records. Regularly updating your list with NCOA processing gives you a window into the movements of your customers and prospects. Updating your mailing list with current moves will ensure deliverability, reduce waste and is now mandatory for all Standard (formerly 3rd Class) Mail and First Class Mail postage discounts.

Vital Statistics

  • 60 million records
  • Contains business individual, and family listings
  • 48 months of history
  • Updates issued by USPS every two weeks

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