Valid Email Addresses Save You Time and Money

Northwest Database Services' email validation service, determines which of your addresses are valid and can receive email. Email verification does the following to verify your email addresses:

  • Identifies which email addresses in your customer file are deliverable or not.
  • Reduces email marketing costs due to emailing undeliverable addresses.
  • Recovers valid email addresses that were incorrectly classified as dead.
  • Improves data quality.
  • Increases the accuracy of your marketing metrics.

How Email Validation Works

Northwest Database provides the fastest and most accurate email address validation available while fully complying with Internet standards. Not only does Email Audit fully recognize all forms of valid email addresses, but it can also verify the domain of the address and whether or not the user exists at that domain.

The validation process performs the following escalating series of checks to verify an email address:

  • Detect general format and syntax errors in email addresses.
  • Ensure addresses use a valid top level domain (e.g. .com, .net, .jp, .biz, etc.).
  • Detect improper email address formats for common domains such as Hotmail and AOL.
  • Block users, domains, and entire addresses that you define as illegitimate.
  • Verify whether the domains of email addresses exist.
  • Confirm that the domains can receive email.
  • Determine whether the email addresses can receive email.

We'll Validate All Your Email Addresses

Let Northwest Database Services do the work. Send your email file to us and we will do a thorough check of all the addresses on it. For each address, we'll verify the syntax, that the domain of the address exists and can receive email, and that the mailbox exists at that domain. Our service uses advanced email verification techniques that provide the quickest, easiest, and most accurate ways to check an email list without tying up any of your own resources.