Undeliverable As Addressed Mail - Called A Nixie
Is An Expensive And Time Consuming Problem

Find Out How We Eliminate Nixies In Your Mailing List
Preventing Excessive Mailing List Costs

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What's A Nixie And How It Impacts Your Mailing List

A Nixie is a mailing piece that is misaddressed or illegibly addressed and therefore undeliverable. Nixie mail is also called "undeliverable-as-addressed mail." Nixie mailing pieces are frequently referred to as "nixies."

The USPS estimates that 35% of all bulk mail mailed every year is deposited in post office garbage due to inaccurate addressing.

Nixie mailing pieces is returned to First Class mailers by the U.S. Postal Service. However, with Standard A mail, formerly known as 3rd Class mail, nixies are tossed into a Postal dumpster. Use either the manual or automated Address Change Service - ACS - to assure return of Nixie mail. Find out how Nixies in your mail increase your costs dramatically with redundant mailings.

We Prevent Nixies From Ruining Your Mailing Campaign

Our mailing list cleaning services include deduplication and merge purge processes. The addresses on nixies are often retained in a "Suppression List", so that they can be removed from the same list or from other mailing lists before they can be mailed again. This is an important function of the merge/purge or de-dupe process and is sometimes called "nixie mail elimination."

Northwest Database Services specializes in Mailing List Cleaning Service that includes Nixie Elimination. We have over 15 years experience working with the USPS Information Center.
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