Data services from Northwest Database Services

Data Scrubbing And Mailing List Cleaning Services

Data Scrubbing ensures that your data is accurate, consistent and correctly formatted. In other words, the process of data scrubbing (aka data cleaning or data cleansing) gets your data ready to go to work for you.

How can you prevent bad data from degrading your database? What if you could use a full-spectrum database service to eliminate your database concerns? You can – at Northwest Database Services, we specialize in data scrubbing, USPS certified mailing list cleanup and de-duplication (also known as data de-duping or simply de-duping).

Northwest Database Services has been cleaning mailing lists, scrubbing data, performing data migrations, and providing mailing lists for over 25 years.

Data Normalization

Puts your data elements in their correct fields (columns) so that, for example, all companies are in the company column; all last names in the last name column; etc.

Data Migration

Collects data from several; often disparate files and databases and combines them into one clean consistent dataset. Typically this is done to move legacy data into an updated database management system (DBMS).

Parsing (Splitting)

Parsing data into their standard component parts; for example, Name Splitting segments full names into: Prefix (e.g. Mr, Dr, etc.), First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Suffix (e.g. MD, PhD, etc.). City, State and ZIPs stored in a single column are typically split into their standard components as well.


Gender codes can be applied that indicate whether a record represents a male, female, couple, company or is recognized, but is indeterminable (e.g. Terry, Chris, Dale, etc.).

USPS CASS Address Cleaning

CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) processing tests, cleans and standardizes your addresses. Addresses that fully pass processing come back with a +4 added to their 5-Digit ZIP Codes; the USPS recognizes these addresses as deliverable. Canadian CASS processing is also available.

USPS NCOA Processing

The USPS NCOA (National Change Of Address) System tracks all address changes in the US for the past 48 months so that you can be sure that who you think you are mailing to at that address is still there to receive it. Canada NCOA (CNCOA) processing is also available.

Remove Duplicate Records (AKA: "De-Dupe" or "Purge")

All databases and mailing lists accumulate duplicate records; but all duplicates are not the same. It's easy to purge "Exact" duplicates, where everything about the duplicate entries is the same right down to their number of spaces and punctuation. "Near Dupes"are duplicate entries (AKA "True Dupes") that are written differently; "Richard Smith" vs. "Dick Smith"; "Thomas" & "Mary" vs. "T J & Mary Ann"; and so forth. We can delete, extract and output, or simply mark duplicate records and let you decide which to keep or delete.

Standardize and Reformat Data

We scrub, standardize, establish values ranges, as well as format data in your database or mailing list. We can work with your codes, flags and, more typically, disparate entries such as countries, phones, departments, titles, etc.


Data cleansing isn’t fully finished until your data is consistently cased as you would like to see it in your reports or on your mailing pieces. For the most versatile looking data – Proper case; for the easiest maintenance, all capital letters.

Email Audit

Verifies that the email addresses that you have in your file aren’t written incorrectly, on a spam list, leading to a dead server or has expired altogether.

Email Append

Once you have determined which email addresses are good and which aren’t, we submit records with either an invalid or missing email address. Based on a match of name and current mailing address, Email Append will add the new one if possible. These updated email addresses are send email asking if they would like to opt out. A flag is provided to mark the difference.

Mailing Lists

We carry Business, Residential, Walk-Sequence and a variety of specialty mailing lists. Our list department purchases from only those compilers that meet our strictest data accuracy requirements. Call 360-841-8168 for counts and quotes.